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Segregate Portfolio Two

Summary of Segregated Portfolio Two

The Fund is seeking to raise up to USD$300,000,000

The Fund will offer Participating Shares relating to each of the Segregated Portfolios at an offer price of USD$25,000 per Participating Share.

Minimum Subscription for Segregated Portfolio 2

An Investor may invest in one or more Segregated Portfolios provided that the Investor's total investment is a cumulative investment of at least USD$50,000 for High Net Worth Individuals (save for Segregated Portfolio No. 2 for which a minimum investment of USD$30,000 is required) and USD$100,000 for Sophisticated Investors that don't have at minimum net worth of USD$1,000,000.

   Key Attributes

  •  No up-front fees
  •  5 Year Term
  • 10.00% Fixed Coupon
  • Europe, Asia, Caribbean-based, USA and Latin America investments.
  • Aligned to unique industries with high profit margins.
  • Experienced and conservative management.
  • Investments collateralized with hard assets and cash-flows of borrowers.

Product Details

Topic Detail
Bloomberg CUSP BBG0081VPJ76
Contributions Single
Currency USD$, GBP£, EUR€
Minimum Contribution USD $30,000 for Single Deposits for High Net Worth Investors
Riders Lump Sum Minimum: (USD $10,500)
Fixed Income 10.00% annually
Modal Premium Single Contribution
Investment Terms 5 years
Establishment Charge (single premiums only) 1.0% per annum of the Single Premium amount and payable for five years following allocation of the single premium.
Asset management fee 0.125% monthly of the portfolio balance
Portfolio transfers fee N/A
Guaranteed Death Benefit in the event of a relevant death, the standard amount payable will be 100% of the Account Value.*¹
Surrender Charge Equal to the sum of the total fees and charges due for reaming contract years at the time of surrender.
Free Partial Withdrawals Interest earned shall be paid soley at the approval and consent of Auctus Investment Funds and only be allowed after second year.  Interest if approved by Auctus Investment Funds will be paid only on the current balance forward and not retroactively.
Top-ups Allowed any time. Minimum contribution: $10,500.
  1. The guaranteed Death Benefit is valid for all contributions if paid on time as per the subscription agreement executed by the client.

Investment Objective- Strategy

The fund has been organized to provide sophisticated and high-net worth investors with a vehicle to invest and profit from a loan portfolio of privately placed and collateralized specialty loans. These include:

  • To engage in any other financing opportunities as the directors may deem appropriate.
  • Micro-lenders which are essentially business credit-facilities customized for pawn brokers, payday loan companies, small business owners and other micro-lenders.
  • To provide strategic growth capital to operators of all types of companies, micro-lenders and retail outlets specializing in the purchase and sale of used or new personal items including precious metals throughout the Europe, Asia, Caribbean-based, USA and Latin America.
  • Short term real assets loans. These are larger customized cash-out consumer and business loans that are shortterm in nature and are often originated to produce emergency liquidity for the borrower secured with tangible collateral.
  • The Fund Cayman Islands exempted company incorporated with limited liability and registered as a segregated portfolio company under the Companies Law (as amended) of the Cayman Islands. As a segregated portfolio company under the Companies Law, the Fund can establish and operate Segregated with the benefit of statutory segregation of assets and liabilities between each Segregated Portfolio.


  • Duration/return: The investment is for a term of 5  years from the date of investment. The coupon is 10.00%.
  • Expenses: All operating expenses of the Fund and related fees will be paid mostly by the borrowers. The Fund has 1.0% per annum of Establishment Charge and an Asset Managmnet Fee of 0.125% per month.
  • Issuer: Auctus Investment Fund SPC. (the “Company”), a Cayman segregated portfolio company duly formed and incorporated  under the laws of the Cayman Islands with registered office situated at: DMS House, 20 Genesis Close,  P.O. Box 1344, Grand Cayman KY1-1108, Cayman Islands.
  • Investments: The Offering will be used to make loans consistent with the Fund's investment objectives (see Prospectus).  Strategic growth capital secured; in each case by a pledge of otherwise receivables and Inventory, real asset Loans, and Companies that borrow secured by their Cash Flow and all other assets, and secured mezzanine loans secured against fixed assets, acquiring senior debt at discount and equity opportunities that have attractive returns.
  • This is not, and should not be considered, an offer or solicitation to invest in, or to buy or sell, any interests or shares, or to participate in any investment or trading strategy of Auctus Investment Fund SPC or any of its related companies.

This is simply a summary of terms. Any future Purchaser of Auctus Investment Fund SPC's offerings acknowledges and agrees that the issuance of the Shares to the Purchaser is conditional upon the issuance being exempt from the prospectus fling requirements of any applicable securities laws. The Purchaser further acknowledges and agrees that:

(a) The decision to enter into this Subscription Agreement and purchase the Shares has not been based upon any oral or written representation as to fact or otherwise made by the Company and/or any officer, director or employee of the Company, except as set out in the Prospectus.

(b) The Purchaser has read and fully understands the Prospectus and the Company's Subscription Agreement and has had an opportunity to ask and have answered questions with respect to the Company and the Offering.

(c) The decision to enter into this Subscription Agreement and purchase the Shares is based entirely upon the information set out in this Subscription Agreement and the Prospectus of the Company's. Past Performance does not guarantee future performance.